Заявка за учебници и учебни помагала

Уважаеми колеги! Заявка за учебната 2023/24 година можете да подадете ТУК или чрез менюто горе вдясно!

Уважаеми колеги! Заявки за учебната 2023/24 година ще могат да бъдат подавани скоро.


02 май 2023
Get your students in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo with these fun and educational worksheets! Help your students learn about the history, culture, and traditions of this special day. Download them now and add some spice to your lesson plans! 🌮🎉
25 април 2023
🌷 Happy May Day to all our friends and followers! Spring is here and it's time to celebrate the season of 🌱 growth and 🐝 renewal. Download our May Day festivity worksheets designed to help students 🙆‍♂ learn and have fun.
13 април 2023
🌏 Happy Earth Day! Celebrate the beauty of our planet with our festive 📋 worksheets for students. Download now and let's learn and have fun while exploring ways to protect our environment! 🌳


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