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Имаме удоволствието да Ви поканим на уебинар на тема “Emotional Intelligence in the ELT Classroom”. Събитието, което ще се води от г-н Даниел Морис, ще се проведе от 16.00 часа на 14.04.2021 г. (сряда). Всички участници ще получат Certificate of Attendance. Последвайте линка, за да се регистрирате за уебинара:

Daniel Morris: "Emotional intelligence allows us to focus more on how we and the people around us feel. When students learn to understand themselves and others, they are able to better understand their learning needs, strengths and limitations. Having this awareness can play a significant role in the learning experience. In short, when we feel in control everything seems easier, including learning.This talk will explore emotional awareness as a valuable asset which learners can develop and use to their advantage in the EFL classroom."

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