Уважаеми колеги,
Имаме удоволствието да Ви поканим на уебинар на тема "Teaching the Generation C Brain". 
Водещ на събитието, което ще се проведе на 10 февруари 2021 г. (сряда) от 16:00 часа, ще бъде Джени Дули.
‘Generation C’ is a cross-generational psychographic that relies heavily on technology as part of its daily routine. Although members can be any age, the majority are under 35. In this talk, we will look at the characteristics of these ‘connected consumers’, how they operate and, most importantly, how we can engage them. We will also consider what demands this lifestyle makes on the brain, especially the memory. Whether we feel we belong to this generation or not, as teachers, we will still have to provide learners with the language skills they need to cope with this new reality. 

Последвайте линка, за да се включите в уебинара: https://zoom.us/j/95201652420